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2020 Presidents' Day Classic

Tournament Schedule Posted

The 14th Annual Presidents' Day Classic @ Warwick schedule has been competed.  Each division's schedule is embedded in the tab for each Division.   Divisions with 4 teams will play a 3 game round robing and then the teams will be seeded the top 2 seeds will proceed to the Championship game and the remaining teams will proceed to a consolation game.  Divisions with more than 4 teams will have a 3 game round robin and seed 2 will play seed 3 for a the spot in the championship game against seed 1 of the round robin remaining seeds will play a 4th game in the consolation round. 

Divisions & Schedules

Blue - Hatfield Ice (Blue Rink) WS - Wintersport
Gray - Hatfield Ice (Gray Rink) BCI - Bucks County Ice Sports
Green - Hatfield Ice (Green Rink) G-A - Grundy Rink
  G-B - Grundy Rink