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Regular Season 2019-20
2019-20 x Regular Season

Recent 10U News

10K Puck Challenge!

05/23/2020, 2:30pm EDT
By Lady Patriots Ice Hockey

We challenge our upcoming Lady Patriots this off season to complete the Hockey Shot 10,000 Puck Challenge!

By August 31st, we hope to see every Patriot record 10,000 shots to develop their goal scoring for the upcoming season. Challenge yourself and get to 10,000!

Players should register online by their birthyear:

2012-2010 Birthyears U10:

2009-2008 Birthyears U12:

2007-2006 Birthyears U14:

2004-2005 Birthyears U16:

2003-2001 Birthyears U19:

Women's Teams:

History Making U10

05/16/2020, 10:45am EDT
By Lady Patriots Ice Hockey

Our U10 made Lady Patriot history by being the first ever travel U10 team for our program - and the girls came to play!

The team, overseen by head coach Alexis Hager, jumped into a boys tournament right away despite nearly half the girls never playing a game before. The girls battled and showed improvement in single game and in the last game of the tournament, they came out with a win against the Wintersport Royals boys team. It was a bright moment and a great sign of things to come for the team.

The season consisted of tremendous development, first goals, first shutouts, and lots of goals, laughs and smiles. They battled hard and earned many victories against boys teams, and they earned their place in the top 3 teams in the MAWHA U10 division for the girls.

The U10 faced off the NJ Colonials in their playoff game - a team they had great battles with all season. While the playoff resulted in the Colonials just barely edging out the Patriots in the 3rd period - the Patriots displayed amazing heart and great sportsmanship, even going to cheer for the NJ Colonials in the MAWHA Championship game.

The future of the club has never been brighter as the 2020-21 will also be history making for U10 as we feature our first A and AA teams!

Coach of the Year!

05/16/2020, 10:45am EDT
By Lady Patriots Ice Hockey

Alexis Hager is one of the best up and coming coaches in the area, and our club is thrilled to have her returning to oversee the development of our U10 teams and players.

Coach Alexis has proven to be one of the hardest working coaches and individuals in the club. This past season was history making for the club, which saw our very first u10 team grow from 9 players at evaluations to a maxed out roster by their very first game. Majority of these players never played on a travel team, full ice, or even a hockey game before. Alexis took this group of new players, taught them skills, confidence, and hockey - which resulted in wins against boys teams, 3rd place in MAWHA, and one of the most memorable seasons of hockey a player could have. All of this while having fun on and off the ice as a team.

The amount of time and effort Alexis puts into preparing for every practice and game for the girls has been exceptional, keeping all practices organized and high paced. And her dedication to the girls/club does not stop there as she offers private lessons at low costs to give the girls as much ice time as possible to develop the girls throughout the entire Lady Patriots organization.

The Lady Patriots organization want to recognize the above and beyond effort coach Alexis has put into the organization by presenting her with our very first 'Coach of the Year' award!

We cannot wait to see what next season will bring for our U10 players under Alexis' supervision.