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Adult Council

The Adult Lady Patriots program is growing and we need to have a more defined structure to the program. The program is a subprogram under the Lady Patriots Hockey umbrella and will be governed by the Lady Patriots organization. In order to have a consistent management of the adult Lady Patriots program we will be implementing some basic guidelines to ensure that the Lady Patriots is offering the best recreational program for its adult members. 

The adult program runs teams that are full members of the UWHL, and as such has team representatives who represent each of the Lady Patriots teams in the UWHL. These team representatives will also represent their team on the Lady Patriots Adult Council. The adult council will consist of two Co-Chairwomen who are members of the Lady Patriots Organization, as well as all of the Lady Patriots UWHL Team Representatives. The adult council will oversee the Lady Patriots adult program to ensure that all player contracts or agreements are being adhered to and will have the ability to sanction individual players for not adhering to their specific player agreements. 

Again this is a recreational hockey program and it needs to have some semblance of structure to keep the focus on recreational hockey. The program needs to be run in such a way that women want to play Lady Patriots Hockey. 


The Co - Chairwomen positions of the Adult Council will be appointed their positions by the board of Lady Patriots organization. They will act in the best interest of the entire adult side of the organization and with no bias towards any team. 

The following duties are expected of these positions: 

  • Ensure that each team within the organization has 2 team representatives selected for the upcoming season
  • Ensure that all team representative are aware of their responsibilities to the organization and the league
  • Work with team representatives to ensure that all player contracts are completed and returned no later than October 1
  • Receive monthly updates from the President of the organization in regards to outstanding balances
  • Communicate monthly updates with the team representatives on payments needed throughout the season for no loss in payments
  • Attend any league meetings if a team representative is unable to attend and report back to the team representative 
  • Be available for contact from the organization president if any issues arise 
  • Act as the funnel of communication from the team representatives to the organization president 
  • Always act in the best interest of the organization at all times